Yellow hallway – good solution for home design

Light colors allow you to create a cozy atmosphere from the first steps in the house. Therefore, the use of yellow is appropriate in design of the hallway. Its compatibility with other colors and shades allows you to create unique combinations in design. Let’s consider the basic shades of yellow, its effect on the body and other nuances.

Yellow color has many positive qualities. It gives us good mood, cheerfulness. The reflective effect of this color makes the room more spacious.

Yellow room with red elements

Remember that its shades are varied. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to their combination. You can choose various options of semitones:

  • Saffron;
  • Mustard;
  • Citric;
  • Vanilla;
  • Gold

There are a lot of them. They create different directions in style, mood. The right combination will allow you to make a unique design project hallway.

Combination with other colors

Design of spacious light room with yellow elements

Gold and black. Black color is stylish for any room, it gives chic. The combination does not make the room very motley, creates a feeling of carelessness. White color reduces the concentration of yellow, visually increases the hallway.

Saffron and green. These shades create an incredible sunny design. Selecting saturation of these shades you can create an interesting design.

Combination with red color. Choosing a yellow design, you will not regret placing red, scarlet shades in the decor. A small ottoman, a table, a shelf for little things will become accents. They should be few, no more than 3 elements. In this case, the wallpaper should not be very bright, have a colder color.

Violet color. The combination of yellow with this color is an interesting option, creating an incredibly fabulous interior. The decoration should be lemon-colored and the pieces of furniture (partially) purple. The room will be bright.

You can also combine room of light design and yellow shoe cabinets, wardrobes etc. Or there are many options of yellow-designed room with black furniture elements, for example.

Summing up we can say that yellow color is great for decorating the hallway. It makes the room brighter, gives good mood and creates comfortable conditions. The combination is possible with orange, black, white, red. When choosing a shade, pay attention to warm and cold tones. They have a lot of midtones, which you can choose for any style.

10 Photos of the Yellow hallway – good solution for home design

Design of spacious light room with yellow elementsHallway with bright yellow wallpaperYellow room with red elementsYellow color in living room designViolet and yellow colors in room interiorBright hallway with small yellow shoe cabinetYellow cabinet of original shapeSmall bright yellow hallwayCombination of yellow color and black elements in room designClassic yellow hallway

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