What kind of shelf for shoes to buy?

A shelf for shoes is an ideal solution for storing shoes and accessories. Easy as it seems, there are a big number of closet shoe shelf ideas available online and in local stores. It can be tricky to choose a good shelf from the big variety of products, however, there are a few points and issues to remember when looking for shoe storage solutions and closet racks especially.

First of all, decide what size of closet shoe shelf is ideal for your family. Take into consideration how many people live in the house, how many pairs they have and a size of your hall closet.

bench with shelf for shoes

Secondly, plan what’s the number of sections you need a closet shoe rack to have. Of course, the more – the better rule applies, but given a typical closet shoe organizer would have a limited size again, you have to optimize. Another important factor when choosing a shelf for shoes in closet is material it’s made of and a type of construction. Wooden racks look nice but they are known to wear and to collect dust quickly.

Finally, when looking at closet shoe rack plans think about colors and design that will match the rest of your interior.

shelf for shoes plans

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  1. Leonardo says:

    Wow, looks very organized! I have alawys been on the fence about those kid leashes too…I finally caved and bought one like yours when Landing (Crash) was 1 1/2 and I was preggers with Bauer. He actually really loves it, and asks to put it on when we get out of the car. I have had a few ugly comments (probably from people who don’t have small or multiple children) and I just respond that at this point, it is more important to insure that my child is safe than to worry about other people’s opinions. Mostly though, people laugh and think it is cute.

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