The rules of shoe cabinet’s placing in room

Elongated and square, spacious and compact, with niches and storerooms – there are many options of hallways. Owners of private houses with spacious halls are least limited in their abilities because the closet for shoes can be placed anywhere. If you have a narrow room, you will have to think and work on the placement of the shoe cabinet. One rule is universal: storage space should be located as close as possible to the front door. It is convenient and practical because dirty shoes will soil the floor surface minimally.

Narrow corridors can be equipped with a closet compartment, placing it along a long wall. Also, the wardrobe has an advantage over the one with doors because not every narrow hallway has a place for swinging doors. When choosing a sliding wardrobe, it is more convenient to use several narrow doors than one large.

Shoe cabinet with mirror

Square hallway can be equipped with a corner closet for shoes. If the room has a niche or pantry, then it can be used as a place to store shoes and other things. It is enough to think over a convenient configuration of the shelves. The door can be ordered in stores offering wardrobes. On the market there are available built-in wardrobes either, designed specifically for placement in niches.

Cabinet for shoes can be placed on the right or left of the entrance door. At the same time, it is important to take into account the direction in which the door opens, so that this type of accommodation does not cause discomfort. At the entrance are often placed open or closed cabinets for shoes. The doors can either slide open or open to the outside, the shelves are stationary or extend. There are special vinyl shelves for wet shoes. They are equipped with special pallets, where water and dirt flows through the holes.

Tall open shoe cabinet

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