Some solutions for storing shoes

Every home should have at least two special places for shoes. One of them must be at the entrance. It is made for the pair that we remove returning into an apartment from the street. The second is for shoes out of season.

Furniture for temporary storing

Footwear stand with doors

The double shelf. It is the most common configuration of “fast wardrobe” for shoes. Such shoeboxes 100-120 cm wide are designed for 10-12 pairs. Most of them have plastic or metal shelves that are easy to clean.

The combined shelf. This shelf for shoes is combined with other object in the hallway. Comfortable shoeboxes can be located under the seat of the stool or be an extension of the hallway module on which is fixed the mirror for example. As a rule such furniture is not adapted for too dirty shoes.

The showcase-rack. Its functions can be performed by a row of stacked shelves or a rotating rack. Advantage of this rack is a huge capacity (about 40 pairs). Flaw – shoes will be covered with dust in a few days. But in a suspended state the wet sole is not deformed and boots dry better.

Footwear stand with doors

Furniture for long storing

The footwear stand. This is a miniature box with small doors. Shoe cabinet often has a retractable shelf for storing protective equipment and shoe brushes. The depth of the cabinets for shoes is 25-30 cm as a rule. The advantage of the construction on the inclined shelves – as in the shop window you can see all your “wealth”.

Slim. There is a separate subspecies – thin boxes with flaps (open at 45 degrees). The back wall of the door serves as a support for the soles. High boots stack along the box. The advantage of slim is in compactness: a model with a thickness of 20 cm will fit into the smallest room. However, its volume is less than the traditional shoe cabinets. But to find the necessary pair you have to open all the boxes.

Section in the wardrobe. Inclined metal shelf for shoes is simplest version of this option. Retractable box with holders costs more but helps to keep shape. The advantage of the design: the number of pairs is limited only by the physical volume of the shoe cabinet.

The issue of storing shoes with clothes is still open. For moths there is nothing more attractive than “odorous” things. It will start from the natural fur of winter boots, then move to a fur coat and a favorite sweater. Therefore if there is a possibility it is better to allocate to your shoes own seasonal cabinet. It would be the best way to keep them and save in good quality.

8 Photos of the Some solutions for storing shoes

Double shelf for shoesCabinet with shelves for shoesOriginal style of shoes racksSlim shoes storageShowcase rack for shoesShelf for shoes combined with boxOriginal shoes storageFootwear stand with doors

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