“Island” for kitchen: innovative idea for people

Modern kitchen design is no longer limited to the choice of colors and facades. The configuration of the headset, modules, integrated household appliances, parts, and technological filling is very important here. Kitchens are getting smarter than their owners and kitchens with an “island” are a real new trend in modern design. The island makes it very convenient to organize work areas in the kitchen. It allows you to separate the kitchen from the dining room or living room and with a bar counter can completely replace the dining room.

There are many types of configurations of kitchen sets with the island. Some of them have a bar counter, others use the table top as the bar area. In the configuration is very important location of the bar. It may be located near a window, an entrance etc. This affects the appearance of the kitchen and its atmosphere very much.

Kitchen island in simple style

The location of built-in appliances also matters. It is very convenient to have a built-in refrigerator, oven, microwave and coffee machine in the high-headset modules but stove and hood in the main standard module and sink on the island or in the main headset.

Island zoning can be very useful both in the house and in the apartment. Make sure that the island is harmoniously connected with other design elements in the kitchen and in the living room. In this case you will have the perfect dining room design.

We advise you to use in small spaces either the smallest bar stools or the invisible ones, made of acrylic, iron mesh and plastic with thin lines. In this case the kitchen island will not look more noticeable than necessary. A small kitchen island with a worktop width of about 80 cm looks very beautiful in small apartments.

Luxury design with kitchen island

In the style of a loft you can not do without a kitchen with an island. Use warm rich tones and elements such as steel, iron, brick, white gloss and you get what you dreamed of.

In a classic kitchen with an island we advise you to choose neutral, noble shades (beige, ashen, white, pale olive, pale brown, lilac, linen) for the headset and several deep colors for decor (purple, scarlet, dark blue, fuchsia).

9 Photos of the “Island” for kitchen: innovative idea for people

Table in the center of a kitchenKitchen island in simple stylePembroke table as a kitchen islandKitchen island like a tableOriginal interior with islandStylish kitchen design witn islandMultifunctional kitchen islandIsland in the form of a kitchen cabinetLuxury design with kitchen island

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