How to choose a narrow closet for shoes in the hallway

Scattered shoes create mess in the apartment. Therefore creates trouble for any housewife. This issue becomes more important for a big family. What to do if the apartment is small and the hall does not have space for a bulky shoe shelf? The solution is simple: narrow shoe cabinet in the hall whose size is suitable for a cramped apartment. It will eliminate the mess and become a decorative feature of the hall.

Why do we need shoe furniture in the hall? This is a rhetorical question. The modern need of people to save space makes the shoebox in demand. Shoe cabinet in small hallway does not have a space to place a large cabinet. It should have a good capacity and decorate the hallway. A narrow but tall shoebox can be located freely behind the door, even in a room which has not the hall. If the choice of shoe cabinet is limited in dimensions, do not panic: a rich assortment of narrow cabinets for shoes is so huge and it will not be difficult to choose the optimal shape.

Narrow closet

Production material

To get started is to determine the material from which the shoe furniture is made. It is necessary to take into account the functional load of this piece of furniture and the frequency of using.

Cabinet for shoes in the hallway can be made of:

Narrow closet for shoes
  1. Chipboard and fiberboard – simple and inexpensive materials;
  2. Metal composition – forged shoe shelves look fashionable and stylish;
  3. Natural and reliable material that demonstrates the exquisite style of the owners of house and gives solidity to the hall. However, its combination with the general interior of the apartment should be considered;
  4. Wicker rattan. Bedside tables from such material will perfectly complement the Provencal style of the interior.
  5. Plastic that makes the shoe cabinet light and mobile. Plastic shoeboxes are more often used in the country and in the garden. Its advantage is the variety of colors;
  6. Chromed thin metal tubes. Compact furniture elements due to their own “transparency” do not limit the space. Optimum ventilation of such a furniture element makes it possible to dry shoes on it.

Configuration of shoe cabinets

In most cases, all shoe cabinets are divided into two categories: open and closed. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Shoes dry faster and are ventilated in the open shelves. However, the situation is constantly aggravated by the dust and the risk of boots getting into the teeth of a pet and being bitten;
  • Shelves with doors add aesthetics to the hallway. However, according to the rules of hygiene to place dirty shoes behind the cabinet doors is unacceptable.

5 Photos of the How to choose a narrow closet for shoes in the hallway

Closet for narrow hallwayVery narrow shelves for shoesNarrow closet for shoesNarrow closetCompact shelves for shoes

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