Black closets in interior of the house: features and choosing rules

Nowadays, closet is one of the most popular types of furniture in the market. This is a piece of furniture for storing clothes and shoes, which is complemented by a sliding system. This solution combines reliability, functionality, practicality and beauty. It’s very simple to solve the problem of placing a large amount of clothes with a closet. Also with this element of furniture you can transform the interior of the room. Therefore, when choosing it, you should pay attention to size, shape and color.

At first sight, a dark-colored cabinet may seem too gloomy and boring. But designers can help unleash the potential of dark furniture and emphasize the style and charm of a dark color closet. Why is black color so good as a basic solution for the closet?

Black furniture in blue-colored room design

Dark colors of furniture allow you to create contrasts with light walls, floors. Also, the dark color allows you to give the room mystery, severity, respectability. If there is a defect on the furniture, then dark shades veil this flaw and it will not irritate eyes. Black cabinets and closets have a particular advantage if they are large. In this case, they look much neater than light-colored models of similar size.

How to combine with the interior

A black wardrobe in the room interior is an excellent solution. Dark shades are universal. They do not have any restrictions on the use and are perfectly combined with almost any other color in the interior. For example, a black cabinet with a bright room is very well combined. You can also add elements of saturated colors to the interior. For example, yellow, red, green, etc. But it’s important not to overdo it with bright colors.

Black furniture in blue-colored room design

In small rooms it is better not to use black cabinets, because they are not able to reflect the sun’s rays and can obscure them. But if you choose the right contrasting light shades, balance the decorative elements, the room will certainly be transformed, filled with harmony and comfort.

Location Rules

Black cabinets are classics for interior design. The combinations of dark colors with different color shades look very fashionable, modern. But you need to consider the correct location of the cabinet:

  • Dark cabinet or closet should not be used for too narrow room. Especially if the walls, floors of the room are made with excessively dark or bright colors. This will strengthen the sense of a lack of space;
  • Experts do not recommend using a dark cabinets for a child’s room;
  • Such furniture is better to install in spacious living rooms, bright bedrooms.

10 Photos of the Black closets in interior of the house: features and choosing rules

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