A new look at wardrobes and closets: concave and convex shapes

Wardrobes and closets came into our life long time ago. They conquered the whole world with their convenience and versatility. Built-in furniture models allowed designers to organize the space according to the individual characteristics of the customers.

Recently innovative models began to appear on the markets – closets with curved form lines. Then numerous options of furniture with concave and convex forms began to appear on sale.

Concave wardrobe

Such a decision changes the look on the environment and style completely. Thanks to these cabinets fans of originality not only save their space but also follow to fashion trends. In other words unusual furniture forms bring practicality, sophistication, modern and creative style which allows designers to create new ideas for interior.

The advantages of convex cabinets

Semicircular models of built-in cabinets and closets have clear advantages in comparison with other similar furniture.

Basic wardrobe

Pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Functionality that allows you to change not only external space but also internal;
  • Aesthetics that makes these cabinets better than usual rectangular wardrobes;
  • Effective use of the external environment due to curved lines;
  • The variety of models that allows you to choose the one that will be the most effective and modern interior design.


The advantages of concave cabinets

Concave cabinets have nearly the same list of advantages as convex closets. However, they also have own advantage. It is the optical effect that these models create. Thanks to this unique ability you can not just hide the flaws of the room but completely change the space affecting its dimensions. It should be noted that the functionality and practicality of these cabinets is not lost absolutely.


Why do we need radial cabinets?

Of course, the idea of radial cabinets which include convex, concave and combined models came with one desire – to diversify the interior design. Every day thousands of design professionals are working to create new projects that should bring new things to the interior design. But without new trends is impossible, so bold ideas are always welcome. By means of radial cabinets you can successfully divide a large room into two parts, make accent on the one part of the room or conversely hide the unnecessary angle in the room. Concave models create an unusual effect of the wave emphasizing the high cost of the product and the luxury of your home. Convex cabinets also have elegance that highlights the presentable appearance of the room.

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Convex wardrobe in light styleOriginal convex wardrobeConcave wardrobeBasic wardrobe

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